Courage Israeli Old Coin Lion Earrings

Courage Israeli Old Coin Lion Earrings

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Courage Global Earrings

These unique, handmade earrings feature the Lion of Courage on the old, collector’s 1/2 sheqel coin of Israel in a sterling silver setting.

A mighty lion roars–Strong and ferocious!
Powerfully he rules as King of the Forest.
In Israeli excavations, this image was found.
Now it’s on a coin, so you can pass courage around.

All our coin jewelry is infused with good energy and a strong belief that thoughts become things.

These earrings can help you keep your purest intentions on your mind as you COURAGEOUSLY manifest your dreams!

Earring details:

Symbol: Lion
Coin: Israeli Sheqel
Setting: Sterling Silver
Weight: 17grams
Minting: 1980-1985

our Israeli coin jewelry collection is handmade and one-of a kind; slight variations are part of each creations inherent uniqueness.

*These earrings have sterling silver posts

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